High-Efficiency Air Cleaners

About the service

Clean Healthy Air for Your Home & Family

Often overlooked, air cleaning is a very important component of a quality integrated HVAC system. A whole-home air purifier from BEM Corp will help you manage your family's comfort, health and protect your HVAC system from any small contaminants. BEM installs a MERV 13 High-Efficiency Air Cleaner as standard equipment on all installations. This equipment is a high-efficiency filtration system that traps tiny contaminants, such as smoke particles and bacteria. This filter gets changed twice a year and can reduce allergy symptoms significantly. We typically install them right next to the air handler on the return duct to filter the air right before it moves over your coil so you won’t have to worry about it – we will make sure it gets changed when it needs to on every cooling and heating season.

You should use an air filter that offers the highest level of efficiency without damaging your HVAC system. Air filter efficiency is the measure of how well the filter does its job of filtering air before it enters the air handler. An air filter “cleans” the air by serving as a physical barrier to particles hanging in the air. To measure the efficacy of a filter we use a MERV rating system.

A more efficient filter is more effective at removing particles from the air as it enters your HVAC system. Conversely, a less efficient filter allows more dirt and dust into your system. Dust and dirt on critical parts of your HVAC system will increase your fuel consumption and increase repair and maintenance bills. Dust and dirt circulated back into your home are just plain unhealthy.

Yes, where possible. Existing systems with marginal airflow performance will be adversely affected by the addition of a high-efficiency air cleaner in that it will further reduce airflow which creates problems such as evaporator coil freezing, mold in equipment/duct and compressor refrigerant slugging. Call BEM Corp for an evaluation of your system before proceeding.

In all the years we’ve been in business, we haven’t found a system that we couldn’t have installed better ourselves. The bottom line is that a BEM A/C system will add value to your home.