Conventional A/C

About the service

The tried and true, go-to approach.

You’ll find this type of air conditioning system in most houses. The system is comprised of two main machines: an air handler inside the house, and a condenser outside. They are connected with copper refrigerant pipes and a control wire. Then, a thermostat is mounted on the wall to control the operation of the system. This application ranges from affordable to high-end efficient equipment with everything in between. We guarantee that a conventional air conditioning system installed by BEM will add value to your home, and keep it at a temperature of 72° on a 95° August day. We can also talk to you about add-ons that will enhance the system’s performance and comfort of your home, including, among others, high-efficiency air cleaners, and a hot water coil to make the system provide heat in the winter.

The air handler is what moves the air throughout the house. It pulls the air through a return vent using a draft inducer fan, sends the air over a cold evaporator coil that has refrigerant running through it, and back out into supply vents placed around the home. Typically, the air handler will be placed in an attic or knee wall for upper floors and in a basement for the first floor.

The condenser is connected to the air handler by two copper pipes and a wire. The refrigerant comes out of the air handler as a gas and heads to the condenser where it will be compressed into a liquid. Then it’s sent through the condenser coil to release the heat energy it absorbed inside the house. Once it has released the heat it’s sent back into the house to do it over again.

We are on the cutting edge of the latest thermostat technology. We usually install thermostats with Wi-Fi connectivity so that you can control the temperature of your home from anywhere with an internet signal. If you have a separate heating system such as baseboard or radiator steam heat then we can enable it to be controlled with the thermostat as well.

In all the years we’ve been in business, we haven’t found a system that we couldn’t have installed better ourselves. The bottom line is that a BEM A/C system will add value to your home.