who we are and what we do

 About Us

Founded in 2004, BEM has been honest, reliable, and enthusiastically on the cutting edge of the industry’s technology to better serve you and your family.

We don’t cut corners or take the easy way out. This family-operated business prides itself in providing quality work, efficiently. Our employees are trained in an environment that encourages continued growth and learning. Our ductwork is fabricated in house, and we stand by it. We will go the extra mile to save our customers time, money, and heartache by reducing energy costs everywhere we can, and by seeking tax rebates for customers who choose equipment of the highest efficiency. Our end goal in every installation is to add value to your home. Every service call is unique and we work to find the root of each problem to properly solve it.

" Commitment to Excellence and Dedication to Quality"
We are a team of designers and problem solvers with a will to work hard. To us, HVAC is a labor of love. If you want great service give us a call today.