Ductless Mini-Splits

About the service

No place is impossible to condition.

Ductless mini-splits provide heating and cooling control over the temperature of individual rooms. They have two main parts: an outdoor condenser and an indoor air handler. They’re easy to install – the only intrusion is a three-inch hole in the outside wall for the only link between the outdoor and indoor units are the power and communication cables, refrigerant piping and a condensate drain line. They’re the perfect solution for retrofit add-ons, particularly in places where ducts would be difficult to put in and in houses with non-ducted heating systems such as hydronic, radiant panels, and space heaters. Also, in new, energy-efficient homes, certain rooms require such a small amount of conditioning that it’s more logical to go with a ductless mini-split heat pump rather than a ducted unit.

This is the typical air handling portion of mini-splits that we put in. They are mounted on a wall, close to the ceiling, and come with a remote control. However, certain models have Wi-Fi capabilities. They are quiet and sleek, so you don’t have to worry about it looking or sounding obnoxious. They’re energy bill-friendly and will automatically adjust their settings after you leave.

These are discreet and only show the grill in the ceiling so it resembles a conventional a/c system. The fan technology distributes the are evenly throughout the room. They provide heating and cooling and are very popular in offices, restaurants, as well as new condos and homes. The grille and filter are detachable for easy maintenance. It also gets a wall mounted thermostat.

Floor mounted units are great for radiator replacements or anywhere with limited upper wall space like a sunroom or a kitchen. They range from 9,000-15,000 BTU and are extremely energy efficient. They feature twin airflow for better heat delivery and come with the standard remote control. They’re less than two feet tall and are just over two feet wide, making it hardly noticeable.

In all the years we’ve been in business, we haven’t found a system that we couldn’t have installed better ourselves. The bottom line is that a BEM A/C system will add value to your home.